About my book

Opus 110 contains Schelp’s best work of both worlds analogue and digital. Schelp hand-picked his previously unpublished work, not an easy task, considering that Schelp’s personal selection of analogue photographs counts alone 4500 images. Schelp undercover in photography stopped working in a commercial context, a couple of years after winning Cannes Grand Prix at the International Advertising Festival in 1999 for Sony PlayStation "Nipples". With this book, he is now back in the daylight, shooting against all odds to make it big in fashion, to realize his true dream to be a fashion photographer.

Opus 110 (29,5 x 39cm / 112 pages) is currently selfpublished in a limited edition of 11 + 1 aritist print.

Sony PlayStation "Nipples"

Quotations form Opus 110

"OPUS 110 has got 111 photographs, if you count the two on the cover. The photographs are taken from the years 1988 until 2022, that is 88/22 and that is 110. 110 is also the number for the german police. My life was always a bit on the edge and drama, so I thought OPUS 110 is a good title for a best of." 

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