A non-conformist approach

The photographic style of Tomas Schelp is best pictured as spontaneous. He loves the unforeseeable event and little accidents, which makes his photos unique. A world where everything has to be perfect and no faults are permitted, is a dead world with no life and no character.

Tomas has a strong sense of aesthetic and is looking for the character within the person. He likes to activate the wild and emotional side of people, their drive and appetite for freedom. Tomas likes to move around uncommon locations with efficient and small teams or just alone with his model. Trust and comfort between all participants is very important for him. Once acclimatized, he shoots fast under cloudy skies, which supply for him the perfect light. 

He favor's dusk and dawn atmosphere and sometimes the night. Feels at home in the studios, as long as they provide an aura. He hates factories of mass production and mindless retouching. Most of the time, he does his own retouching. He is a very dedicated art- and picture editor too, only timeless and strong shots survive his personal selection. 

Tomas Schelp
is a photographer with a tennis racket.

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